Vocational Educational Traning

CNIPA PUGLIA is also compulsory school.

Since 2003 following the approval law 53/03, CP has been very involved in experimenting three-year vocational education and training courses with qualifications for minors.

They are Students from 14 to 18, someone is ex school dropout and/or ELET(Early Leavers from Education and Training).

After the three years they having the 3rd level European Qualication Framwork and the Professional Qualification, but many of them choose to curry out the 4th EQF level with a final diploma.

Now, Cnipa Puglia has 200 students/ year throughout the Puglia Region.

There are mainly catering courses cause in Apulia Region the tourism sector is very developed and the demand for qualified people is high.

Thanks to the school-work alternation, 70% of students find work at the end of their studies, with a regular contract