Counteracting pathological cyber streaming attitudes amongst youth



Start : July 1, 2020 - duration 24 mounths

Pathological streamining is a new phenomena which is becoming ubitiquous in the Internet. Popularity on youtube, social media allows for streaming pathological behaviours which is

based on causing the harm to the other people is becoming very popular and widely watched by the Youth in the European Union. Young people have unlimited access to the internet.

In order to prevent the dangerous activities in the internet, they need to understand the dangers of antisocial behaviours which are widely promoted and monetized by large companies

such as Youtube. Patostreaming can be defined as: "Malicious content on the internet is defined as materials, that can cause negative emotions for the recipient or which promote dangerous behavior ".

The general objective of the ANTI-PATOSTREAM project is the exchange of best practices in order to start shaping a basic educational framework for digital critical skills literacy in the youth sector at a European level, Integrating the expertise of partners engaged in different topics related to technology for avoiding harmful content. We will also explore different methods of educational practices such as peer learning, participatory learning, and online learning.


The main target group of this project is represented by the youth with special focus on the low-skilled youth from marginalized neighbourhoods. According to the reports on harmful content, This is the youth which is mostly endangered because of lack of role models in the social environment