Start : April 1, 2020 - duration 24 mounths

For Europe, one of the great challenges is the risk of social exclusion among young people. According to statistical data, in 2018 26.3% of people between 16 and 29 years old are at risk of social exclusion, equal to about 20.6 million (Eurostat). The main indicators of social exclusion are linked to the following themes: material deprivation, families with very low work intensity and risk of poverty. All the statistics show a very widespread reality in the EU: many young people do not have sufficient opportunities to promote an autonomous life project. Furthermore, the EU is perceived as a remote institution and many young people are increasingly attracted to the rhetoric of Euroscepticism, some conclude that their bad situation is due to poor EU policy planning and do not detect the positive work from ' EU.

The main objective of the project is through the participation of young people to involve them in the design of ideas to offer a wide variety of opportunities and adequate resources for their easy integration into society and to be participants in the progress of the community. With this, we will work on the "EU Have Your Say" methodology that the European Commission is promoting so that they contribute their most creative ideas to reinforce their knowledge.

The activities will involve creative and participatory workshops in each city during the development of the project and 8 transnational events: 3 to inform about the importance of the EU and 5 to develop personal skills and a sense of belonging to the EU.

More than 40 people will participate in each of the 8 countries: socially excluded young people, educators and politicians, who will verify the results of the project and will be involved in the future impact.

The resulting objectives are:

  • Capacity and opportunities for inclusion for the target group
  • Communication between young people at risk of exclusion and society
  • Promotional video of the project